MV Plastering

How It's All Possible

"Our mission is to offer the best quality in town at affordable prices for our customers. We never leave a site without surpassing the client's expectations."

Misael Ayala - MV Plastering ~ Owner | Founder | Operator

Misael Ayala has worked in the construction industry for 12 years. He started with the Local 528 Union in Seattle Washington. After 7 years Misael traveled back to Yakima Washington and worked residential, deciding in 2007 that it was time to start his own business. MV Plastering is born.
With 2-6 employees on the job, Misael is sure to travel anywhere for your stucco and interior design needs, within the Pacific Northwest.


If any additional inquiries regarding our Commercial, Residential & Industrial Plastering Services arise or if you would like to schedule your complimentary, on-site consultation.
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